Easy Sew Lace Nightcap for your Baby Doll

In this easy sew tutorial, we will show you how to make a lace nightcap for your baby doll. Does anyone really need to wear nightcaps anymore? Well, maybe not, due to modern heating conveniences. But, in the land of make-believe we get to dress our dolls in little lace nightcaps that coordinate with their nightgowns. Your Corolle baby doll will look very cute in this easy-to-make, inexpensive nightcap. It’s “sew simple” that you’ll love making it!

Starting from a simple circle of material, you can make a Lace Nightcap for your Baby Doll.



  • One circle of fabric measuring 8 inches in diameter
  • 9 inches of 1/4-inch elastic
  • 30 inches of lace trim
  • 3 straight pins
  • Highlighter


Lace Nightcap Directions

Cut your fabric of choice into a circle with an 8 inch diameter. Press the swatch of fabric.

Circle of Fabric used for the Easy Sew Lace Nightcap.


Sew the lace trim all the way around the circumference of the fabric on the right side of the material.

The next step in the project. The Fabric Circle gets Lace Trim


Place the 3 straight pins on the wrong side of the fabric swatch, marking every 90 degrees. This divides the circle into 4 equal pie pieces. Measure and mark your 9-inch strip of 1/4-inch elastic with the highlighter every 2 1/4-inches as well. There will be three highlighter marks with this, dividing the elastic into 4 sections. The marks will serve as guides in the next step.

Straight pins are Placed on Fabric Circle. Yes, this will become a Nightcap for your Baby Doll


Sew the elastic around the circumference of the wrong side of the fabric about 1/2-inch or so from the outside of the fabric. This is where your guide marks will be very helpful. If you have an older sewing machine like I do, you will have to stretch the elastic at the same time you have to push the fabric through the sewing machine. Use the guide marks like reference points so that you know how much fabric needs to fit into each couple of inches of the elastic. Match the straight pins with the highlighter marks, and you should end up with a well-balanced look to your finished nightcap. You don’t want one side to have more material gathered on the elastic than the other, or you will end up with a lopsided cap.

It's beginning to look more like a Nightcap.


Place the nightcap on your little baby doll, and she is ready for a good night’s sleep.

This shows the completed Nightcap on the Baby Doll


How is that for an Easy Sew project ?











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