Flange Pillow – Easy Sew Project

This easy sew flange pillow makes a great project for any sewing enthusiast. Are you looking for beginner-level sewing projects? You can use a sewing machine to make a flange pillow or choose to hand sew one, instead. Of course, the sewing machine will take less time, but hand sewing is essential to learn and practice, too. Remember that you can make both sides of the pillow with the same material or select two or more different fabric designs. Made with different yet coordinating fabrics that compliment one another, this pillow project will spark ideas for you to personalize your own selections.

This easy sew flange pillow makes a great project for any sewing enthusiast. Want to find out more? Visit www.craftzebra.com.



  • Two 17-inch x 17-inch squares of material (I used two different selections of material: One side of the pillow with an orange-dot pattern and the other with a funny-face pattern)
  • Thread to match
  • All purpose “stuffing”



Sew right sides of the pieces together all the way around the squares with a 1/2-inch seam, leaving a 3-inch to 4-inch opening. As you can see, this can be done with a sewing machine. It also makes a great exercise for practicing hand stitching.

Easy Sew Flange Pillow Project - Sew the two pieces together.


Pull material through the opening so that the right sides now face outward. At this point, you may want to press the fabric with an iron. But, it is not essential.

Easy Sw Flange Pillow Project - Pull the material through the opening.


Sew a 1-inch border around the square, remembering to leave an opening. Once again, this would be an ideal time to press the pillow fabric with an iron. So, if your fabric is safe for pressing, do it now. If you have chosen a material that does not iron well like fur or vinyl, then do not attempt to iron. It won’t be necessary.

Insert the all purpose “stuffing” into the pillow through the opening.

Easy Sew Flange Pillow Project - Insert the stuffing into pillow through the opening.


The completed flange pillow (Side 1)

Completed Easy Sew Flange Pillow - The front side.


The completed flange pillow (Other side)

Completed Easy Sew Flange Pillow - The back side.


Easy Sew Flange Pillow Conclusion

As you can see, this all went together rather fuss free. It is what I like to refer to as a very forgiving or low-risk sort of project. Mistakes can easily be fixed and turned into happy accidents. This project was so enjoyable that I decided to make four pillows! In particular, I had fun when selecting two different yet coordinating fabric patterns.

Do consider washing the fabric before starting on the project. If you feel ambitious, try embellishing your pillow with trim, fringe, or buttons. If you are REALLY ambitious and have enough fabric available, try making curtains to match. That’s what I did!








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