How to Make a Denim Handbag

Would you like to know how to make a denim handbag? Are you concerned that it is too difficult or time consuming? I have made half a dozen or so over the years. I am happy to guide you through the steps. You, too, can have an awesome denim handbag to show off to your friends and family!

First, you will need a pair of denim jeans. Cut the legs off. This will be the basic size of your final denim handbag. Decide if you want to iron on an ornate transfer or decorate the pockets. Do so at this time. Select a coordinating fabric to be the inside lining of the handbag. Sew this inside the denim base. Now make the handle or strap from the blue jean pants leg you cut off originally. Guess what? You are done. Take a look at some of the denim handbags I made:

Denim Handbag with Lovely Ballerinas on the Pockets


For this handbag, I first ironed lovely ballerinas on the pockets. The inner lining is made from a geometric pattern fabric. The addition of a pink tie adds a delightful elegance.

Denim Handbag with Geometric Inner Lining


For the back side, I chose to use a shiny faux silk royal purple fabric. You can see how gorgeous this turned out to be!

Denim Handbag with Shiny Faux Silk Royal Purple Fabric


For something a little more lighthearted and fun, I chose to iron some cute kids jumping and laughing onto the pockets of this handbag.

Lighthearted Denim Handbag


The inside lining has a sweet tulip pattern in pretty spring pastel colors. Selecting the fabrics is so much fun! I hope you enjoy this part as much as I do.

Denim Handbag with Sweet Tulip Pattern


A bright yellow tie belt is a must to accessorize this handbag. For the back side I used a textured denim that coordinates so well with the front denim pocket side.

Textured Denim Handbag


For my next denim handbag, I really did not need to do anything to embellish the pockets at all. Each pocket already had a sparkly dimensional emblem. This was adequate in itself.

Denim Handbag with Cotton Candy Pink Lycra Sash


See how the tie sash is made from a cotton candy pink lycra? The lining I chose was a satin turquoise blue. I kept the lining simple for good reason, which you will soon see…

Handbag with a Satin Turquoise Blue Lining


This is why! Look at the happy spring back side of the denim handbag. I love it.

Happy Spring Backside of the Denim Handbag


For me, no creative adventure is complete without trying a leopard skin option. This denim handbag does exactly that!

Denim Handbag with Leopard Skin Option


Although the base is made from blue jeans, I selected a super funky leopard print for the lining. Nothing looks better with this than a black velour tie.

Handbag with a Super Funky Leopard Print


The back side is made from a textured chocolate fabric. It looks delectable, doesn’t it?

Chocolate Fabric Textured Denim Handbag


Denim Handbag Conclusion

One thing I neglected to mention is that each tie belt is interchangeable. By that, I mean you can tie it on either side of the handbag and it will look amazing. Denim is such a durable, versatile material. I hope these ideas have inspired you to try making some denim handbags of your own!






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