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As a beginner you can learn to draw with Ed Emberley books. So many times I have shown my own copies of these books to aspiring artists, young and old. They go right out and buy them. I’m not kidding! As a student learning to draw, you will want experience with both symbolic as well as realistic drawing techniques. Here are some of the symbolic drawings I did with Ed Emberley books as my guide.

Most children I work with get excited to learn to draw some sort of animal, be it a lion, crab, elephant, or rabbit. Using Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals as my reference, I drew a rooster and a turtle. The turtle is trying stay dry with from the rain with her umbrella. Cute! Ed Emberley shows how to draw all sorts of things and creatures with his simple step-by-step approach.

The papers on the sides show cute animals. The techniques we used were found in the Ed Emberley Drawing Book of Animals.


Monster trucks and trains are also quite popular topics of interest for beginner artists. Using Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Trucks and Trains, you can see how my drawings turned out. I like to start with basic paper, pencil, and an eraser, of course. Then I decide whether to use markers, colored pencils, crayons, paint, or a combination of them to color my drawing. For these vehicles, I used markers.

Using examples found in the Ed Emberley Drawing Book of Trucks and Trains, we were able to draw the pictures on the side.


Are you in the mood to doodle? Ed Emberley’s Make a World Drawing Book may be just right for you! This adorable collection of basic doodles is easy, fun, and addictive. I dare you to try just one featured symbol or stick figure and not want to try another. This is an excellent first choice how to book as you learn to draw. Here you can see the castle I drew along with a fierce dragon. Well, it is sort of fierce and sort of cute, too! I used markers and colored pencils.

The figures in the drawing were based on techniques gained through Ed Emberley's Learn to Draw: Make a World book


Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Faces is a “must have” for your collection. Who doesn’t like drawing all sorts of funny, interesting faces? Here you can see my attempt to follow his step-by-step directions for drawing a variety of characters. I had so much fun. I look forward to drawing more.

These faces were based on examples found in the Ed Emberley Drawing Book of Faces.


Although I did not anticipate this, my favorite project to share with you here is my fingerprint art. Following Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Drawing Book, I tried to replicate two outdoor scenes. I started with several paint colors. I dipped my fingers in the paint and pressed my finger tips on to the paper. After it dried, I then added features and additional scenery with markers and colored pencils.

This shows the Ed Emberley Fingerprint Drawing Book. The papers on the sides show some drawings made using the techniques in the book.


At first, I was skeptical that my art work would not resemble what I was trying to replicate. But, by the time I finished, these adorable little fingerprint creatures became my favorite. I hope you feel inclined to try them, too!

Although Ed Emberley does have more books to choose from as you learn to draw, here are the five that I currently have in my own personal collection. You can get them from most libraries or purchase them online. In any case, remember that drawing is a learned skill. You can learn to draw at any age. Give it a try!

Drawing is a learned skill





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