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Below, we are listing a few of the factors to consider in relation to links on a website. Links are found on many Internet websites. This article lists some of the things that you NEED to know:

What is a Website Link

First, we need to define what a link is. Most websites are written in a language called Hyper Text Markup Language (Abbreviated as HTML). This language allows the user to click on particular sections of text. This link text usually has a different color or has some underline decoration. The click causes them to “jump” or be led to some other text.

The “text” can be in the same site. If so, the link is referred to as an internal link. However, the section that the user is transferred to can be in another site. In this case, the link is referred to as an external link.

This is all significant, because the policies and standards of the two sites can be quite different. So, before clicking on a link, users must be careful and make sure that they are being led to the type of site they wish to visit. In particular, some sites on the Internet contain Porn, Gambling, Adult, or other questionable material. This could be material you wish to avoid.

The text of the link you see on the web page, by itself, does not tell you where you will be sent. Rather, this is determined by the way the link is coded. So, you need to be able to trust the author and the site his/her article is on. can be trusted. By website policy, we only link to “family friendly” sites. That being said, we can not be responsible for the content of any other site as we do not have control over the articles they write, or the policies they follow. However, we check to make sure that sites we link to are “family friendly” before linking to them. We only link to a site if we feel that the material is of value to visitors. We make the links because they allow visitors to “jump” from one site to another. They adds extra convenience and makes the computer session more enjoyable.

Internet Protocols

The Internet Protocol refers to the way signals to and from a site are sent out over the Internet. There are two major protocols, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTPS).

HTTP is an older protocol. The data sent out over the network is not encrypted. So, data that you put in online forms when the site runs this protocol is not secure or private. This data could include address or password information.

HTTPS is a more secure protocol. In this protocol, the data is encrypted before it is sent out over the Internet. This makes is much harder for the data to be hacked.

Formerly, this protocol was only used for some banking and financial transactions. However, most modern sites now use this more secure protocol. Some sites using this protocol include Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Hobby Lobby, and JOANN Fabric. also uses this secure protocol.

For more information, please see the following article from Google: Check if a site’s connection is secure

Also, this video describes some of the security and privacy concern with HTTP:

Affiliate links

Most sites on the Internet also make use of affiliate links. These are generally associated with advertisements on the site. When visitors click on the affiliate ads, they “jump” to the site being advertised. So, in this way, the site sends “traffic” to the advertiser. If a visitor then makes a purchase, the advertiser compensates the site for sending the visitor to it. It’s important to realize that this does not increase the cost to the visitor AT ALL.

Disclosure: does make use of some affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost to you, Craft Zebra will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. We feel that the products we advertise are of interest to site visitors and are good values.

Additional information is in our site Privacy Policy (Note: This is an internal link. As described above, internal links “jump” to other material in the same site. In this case, that would be So you can be sure that it is non-objectionable “family friendly” material).

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